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The " SE Project "

What is the SoundEditor Project ?

Give to receive

The SoundEditor Project is a non-profit AND a profit organization. It's based on the idea that we have to give before hoping receive.

Our project consist of designing and distributing as widely as possible a FREE and POWERFULL sound editor.

If this software is as good as we hope, it will bring a large amount of musicians to this web site. Updates, documentations, samples, Free MP3 will be able to be downloaded.

Then, all the programmers involved into this project will have the opportunity to sell add-ons, sound banks and any other products in relation to the music world.

They are invited to create low cost products (around 20 US$).

When a programmer has completed a module, he has the choice of :

- give it to the project to increase it's power and interest

- propose it as a paying product

A paiement system will be developped for this site. In this way, programmers who just want to program and who don't want to manage the commercial aspect of sales will have an ideal solution.