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Filter / Granulars (3)

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Free VST plugg-ins Cyclotron
Free VST plugg-ins Cyclotron
An experimental granular signal modifier. Samples grains from the incoming audio, replays them at a specified rate, whilst performing an optional degree of pitch-shifting on each grain.
The resulting audio can be fed back to the Cyclotron's input, the three main sections (pitcher, grain size & rate) can be modulated via their in-built lfo's, and an adjustable amount of randomness can be applied to the settings for each grain. Grain repitching can also be controlled by incoming midi notes.
With judicious tweaking and modulation, the Cyclotron can create some seriously weird faux-timestretching, buffer override effects, repitched echoes and more.

See the author's/host site: ArcDev Noise Industries
Download the plug-in HERE (792,1 Ko)
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Free VST plug in Grainfreeze
Free VST plug in Grainfreeze
Grainfreeze is a basic granular synthesis effect plugin. It creates the illusion of freezing incoming audio like the reaktor "grainstates" instrument. There are four different grains. There is an envelope to control the shape of the grain and to smooth the sound.You can set a different length for each grain and also delay the time at which the buffer is stored. You can also create a fade so that the frozen audio gradually appears. An lfo can control the pan for each grain. Midi notes will also trigger the freeze.
THIS IS A DONATIONWARE. Go to the author's site to make your donation.

See the author's/host site: Oli Larkin
Download the plug-in HERE (1024,1 Ko)
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Malty VST Effect

Free VST plug_ins Malty VST Effect
Free VST plug_ins Malty VST Effect
The Malty VST effect is designed for hosts such as Orion, sadly lacking in granular facilities. Malty is an analogue style delay line granulator with built in filtering and auto-panning. Hmmm. Nice. It can turn skip textures into smooth things; rearrange rhythms; turn sustained textures into stuttering snippets, and is happy to render your original audio quite unrecognisable. Although primarily aimed at VST hosts lacking in granular abilities, it compliments Audio Mulch well, offering an attractive alternative to Mulch's sophisticated granular contraptions.

See the author's/host site: Broken Gadget
Download the plug-in HERE (567,96 Ko)
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