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Filter / Resonants (4)

Choose your free VST filter here!


Free VST plugg-ins Dronebox
Free VST plugg-ins Dronebox
Dronebox is a ring filter that can turn your guitar into a sitar. It is a bank of six comb filters that resonate at a specified pitch. Each filter can take it's pitch from either a Note name (eg C2), from a typed in frequency (in Hertz) or from the midi input (channels 1-6). There are detune, feedback, damping, pan and volume controls for each comb filter. There is a SV filter before the combs which can make the combs resonate better. A noise oscillator is also included to excite the comb filters. There are lfos for the filter, pan and pitch. There is a delay effect built in and a basic oscillator for reinforcing the drone. A pitch-bend slider can bend all the comb pitches and it can be quantised to move in semitones, tones, fifths or octaves. It can also quantise the pitch lfo.
THIS IS A DONATIONWARE. Go to the author's site to make your donation.

See the author's/host site: Oli Larkin
Download the plug-in HERE (1192,08 Ko)
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NorthPole Resonant Filter v2.10

Free VST plug in NorthPole Resonant Filter v2.10
Free VST plug in NorthPole Resonant Filter v2.10
This is a fully programmable resonant filter. In short, you can send any of your VST/WaveLab tracks through this 'virtual analog' device to either create special effects or to simulate the behaviour of an analog 4-pole filter. It has the following specifications : 24dB/Octave (4 pole) Low Pass and Band Pass Filter, variable Cutoff + Resonance, Lowpass/Bandpass switchable, Envelope Follower with adjustable sensitivity, Envelope attack/release times, Adjustable distortion Adjustable digital delay after filter with time, mix and feedback parameters.

See the author's/host site: Prosoniq
Download the plug-in Mac and OSX Version (1807,3 Ko)


Free VST plug_ins RezFilter
Free VST plug_ins RezFilter
Resonant filter with LFO and envelope follower. The file available for download includes 30 plugins including this one.

See the author's/host site: maxim digital audio (mda)
Download the plug-in HERE (1242,02 Ko)
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Wah 1.1

Free VST Filters Wah 1.1
Free VST Filters Wah 1.1
Coyote Wah is a VST plugin that implements high-quality sweeping resonant-filter (wah-wah) effects. Advanced audio processing algorithms produce a very clean output, free of artifacts. Some of the unique features of the Coyote Wah are:
- Emulation of 4 popular wah-wah pedals
- Supports presets and automation
- VU meter
- Controllable by an external Midi controller (eg. pedal)
Coyote Wah/GT offers customizable resonance settings, auto-wah, jump-wah, envelope-triggered wah. You can purchase it from the authors site.

See the author's/host site: Coyote Electronics
Download the plug-in HERE (93,21 Ko)